Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kindred Souls

For the past few years, I have been searching for that one person who would complete me.

Like the lovebirds in the cage, I was hoping that that person would not only complete me, but also fill that void within my empty world.

Finding him was like searching for a needle amongst a stack of hay.

And the path that led me to him was difficult to trudge.

Yet fate has its own way of leading you to your destination.

I finally found him. We were like two universes so equally designed to meld with each other. Our destinies were intertwined just as the sun and the world so transfixed with each other that the world will never exist without the sun.

He was the sun in my world. The very reason of my predetermined existence.

And now, he is gone...

Should I choose to kill myself so that we would be together again? Perhaps, up there, across the sky, we would be like two stars revolving around each other. Our light shall serve as the fire and heat in our frigid and ghastly universe.

But then, he left me.

A lovebird, once he loses his companion, chooses to end his life in order to be with his partner.

He never looks for another partner for he understood the fact that though another person may have the same personality or characteristics as his former lover, the new person would never replace the original lover.

Nobody can replace him in my heart.

... When the time comes, will the universe conspire with us ?

... Time may pass yet I know that I wish to hold your hand until the time we grow old. If possible, even for an eternity...

--Raphaelle (I. N. J.)


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